ADA Braille Signs

In any business premises or store, ADA signs have to indicate the restrooms, telephones and such other facilities. Functional and accessible parts of a room need ADA signs and also such signs are mandatory for identifying aspects such as exits, elevators, staircases etc.

Combine Style with Substance in Your ADA Signs

Your ADA signs can be produced on a variety of substrates and using your regular corporate colours. (As per ADA regulation there is no restriction on colours that can be used, the only requirement is that sufficient contrast needs to be maintained).

Signs of Style designs ADA signs that combines your business image within ADA regulations that are not only helpful to special customers but uniquely adds to the décor of your office (or store).

  • Toilet Signs
  • Bathroom Signs
  • Telephone Signs
  • Building Code Signs
  • Restroom Signs
  • Factory Signs
  • Hospital Signs
  • Hotel Signs


ADA Braille signs can be made from a whole host of materials. You can use standard manufactured signs or your choice of material. Regardless of the effect you are after, size, external or internal use, longevity and budjet, talk to us and we can determine from our experience the right materials for your project. Here are some materials used for these types of signs.

| Acrylic | Glass | Brass | Aluminum | Stailess Steel | Dibond | Polycarbonate | Wood | 


These type of signage usually comes in varying standard sizes but can be changed to suit.

Design Options

You can use standard colours or use any colour scheme for your design as long as it is of high contrast between text and background. Let us design you ADA braille signs that reflects your branding colours or bring in your own design.


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“Just how fast can you create a sign for me?”
Can you believe we can make some signs for you on the spot! In many cases you can have them done within a couple of hours. We start production of your more complex signage as soon as we have your approval to proceed with production and can have the signage installed within around 10 working days only. Vehicle signage is usually done within the day.

"I'm on a deadline, can you help me with a rush order?"
We certainly can!

We are well equipped to rush orders through should you find yourself in a pickle. We always try our best to assist you to meet those deadlines.

"Can I use any graphics or photos with my signs?"
By all means so long as they are copy right free. Photos and graphic images can also be easily purchased from companies like istock and dreamstime for a reasonable price when designing your sign.

“What is the smallest amount I can order?”
As little as one!

However, quantity discounts apply, the more you buy, the more you save!.

"What type of materials to you use for the manufacture of digitally printed signs?"
We use the highest rated material for the conditions your signage endure.

“I find some damage on my signs from manufacture or installation. What do I do?”
If your signage contains manufacturing defects, please talk to us immediately and we will work to rectify the issue quickly to your satisfaction.